Processing Magazine

Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment for Food Processing Industry

June 18, 2013

Econvert anaerobic wastewater treatmentKenosha, Wis.-based Beckart Environmental, Inc. is partnering with Econvert of The Netherlands to provide innovative anaerobic wastewater systems designed particularly for high-strength wastewater applications in the food processing industries. Econvert systems continuously convert BOD, COD and sludge in wastewater streams to biogas, which can be subsequently used as a secondary energy source (to run a boiler or kettle, for example). The systems feature a vertical design, greatly reducing floor space requirements. In some applications, they can be retrofitted into existing wastewater aeration systems, saving space and reducing energy-related aeration expenses. Aeration expenses and sludge generation are reduced in proportion to the reduction of BOD and COD (typically about 80%-90%). Additionally, biomass accumulated in the reactor tank will often have a saleable value. A full range of sizes are available for variable loads, and are suitable for loads from approximately 660 lbs COD/day or 440 lbs BOD/day. Individual systems can treat up to 52,000 lbs COD/day. Other standard features include a modular approach for increasing flows at expanding facilities, congestion-free influent system, gas-tight reactor and recirculation pipe to minimize odor, adjustable, independent upflow configurations and touch-screen controls panels.