Processing Magazine

Low-profile Pneumatic Pharmaceutical Conveyors

July 9, 2013

Volkmann pneumatic pharmaceutical conveyorVolkmann, Inc.'s new line of low-profile pneumatic pharmaceutical conveyors -- part of the Pneumatic Pharmaceutical Conveyor (PPCVS) series -- feature a purpose-designed low profile vacuum pump and reverse jet shock tank, providing a necessary solution for conveying tablets and capsules in restricted height areas. Pictured here is an ATEX-certified PPC250VS model discharging through a split butterfly valve. It includes a HEPA unit and a mobile trolley with pneumatic height adjustment. By adding these models, Volkmann now also offers common sizes throughout their range of products, allowing easy access to spare filters fitting multiple units. All Volkmann PPCVS units feature a one-piece, gap-free design with a smooth, polished stainless steel surface. Their modular, quick-release, best-in-class cGMP designs also allow for no-tools cleaning. The units feature a patented QX filter system with its unique connection to the filter plate. Replacing the commonly used felt seal or "O" ring seal, this purpose-designed double seal ensures complete isolation of the process down to the 0.3 micron size critical to pharmaceutical manufacturing.