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Powered Analytical Sensor with Integrated Transmitter

February 4, 2014

Krohne SmartsensKROHNE, Inc.'s SMARTSENS is the first family of 2-wire loop powered analytical sensors with integrated transmitter technology. SMARTSENS offers direct connection of sensors to process control systems and can be installed in explosive and hygienic areas. SMARTSENS sensors can be configured and calibrated offline via PACTware. SMARTSENS sensors significantly reduce the risk of failures along the chain from sensor to process control system. Offered for pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and conductivity, SMARTSENS sensors can be connected directly to the process control system, featuring direct communication via 4…20 mA/HART. This reduces common issues related to improper transmitter installation, cabling, or configuration. All SMARTSENS sensors are digital and can be calibrated or recalibrated offline in a laboratory under controlled conditions. For offline calibration, the sensor can be connected directly to a PC running the same PACTware (FDT/DTM) as applied in the asset management system, using an USB interface cable for bi-directional HART 7 communication and power supply. This is a significant improvement over other analog analytical sensors that have to be calibrated on site together with the transmitter, even if installed at remote or difficult-to-reach measuring points, which can also cause sensor calibration to trigger false values in the process control system. Along with the sensor family, KROHNE has introduced a large portfolio of SMARTSENS accessories, including loop powered displays, USB interface cable and mounting assemblies.

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