Processing Magazine

Circular Fluid Bed Dryer for Batch or Continuous Operation

August 21, 2013

Kason Vibro-BedKason Vibro-Bed™ Circular Fluid Bed Processing System for batch or continuous operation increases efficiency, cuts cleaning time and reduces cost. Inherent rigidity of the circular fluid bed processing chamber (in 18 to 84 in. [460 to 2135 mm] diameters), exceeds that of traditional rectangular fluid bed processors, allowing materials of construction to be down-gauged and vibratory motors to be downsized. Associated components are also eliminated, such as multiple air inlets and outlets, the circular unit requiring only one of each. As a result, the dryer is lighter, stronger and more energy efficient at equivalent capacities. Reductions in material, weld seams and associated labor decrease fabrication cost, particularly with sanitary units. Stainless steel contact surfaces, reduced weld seams, a quick-disconnect housing and lack of internal cross members cut cleaning time 50%. Complete systems/modules can be skid-mounted, ready for onsite connection to a power source, dust collector and material inlet/outlet.