Processing Magazine

Flowmeter for Ultrapure Applications

September 4, 2013

Blue-White F-462N FlowmeterThe F-462N Series flowmeters feature metal-free wetted parts, making them ideal for use in many ultrapure applications where contact with metal could contaminate fluid. The high-capacity F-462N utilizes precisely engineered ridges, molded into the meter body, to guide PTFE floats. Calibrations range is 2.0 to 80 GPM/8.0 to 300 LPM. Constructed of molded Polysulfone, F-462N meters are more resistant to higher heat and pressure, as well as many chemicals, than many plastic flowmeters. Maximum fluid temperature is 200 degrees at 0 psi. Maximum working pressure is 150 psi/ 10.3 bar at 70 degrees F (21 C). An optional splash shield is available.