Processing Magazine

Tubing for Filling Systems

October 4, 2013

Flexicon Accusil tubingFlexicon's next-generation of Accusil™ high accuracy dispensing tubing has been developed for use with their peristaltic fillers. The platinum-cured silicone tubing is manufactured in Flexicon’s extrusion facility to ensure the highest quality product for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and diagnostic applications. The right tubing inside the right pump is essential for accurate and reliable dispensing. Consistent wall thickness and bore size ensure the correct liquid flow rate, while the proper tube strength and restitution allow the pump to function successfully. Flexicon’s Accusil tubing has been designed with each of these requirements in mind to maximize related performance. When combined with a Flexicon filler, Accusil tubing provides industry leading precision of ±0.5%, thereby reducing costly overfilling.