Processing Magazine

Digital pH/ORP Sensor

December 4, 2013

Yokogawa SENCOM pH/ORP sensorYokogawa Corporation of America has released the new SENCOM platform product series for the digital measurement of pH and ORP. This will join an existing lineup of pH/ORP solutions that includes the FLXA21 two-wire* pH/ORP-transmitter. The SENCOM platform initially consists of a SENCOM module, the FU20F pH/ORP SENCOM sensor, a SENCOM cable and the SPS24 SENCOM PC software. The installation of a SENCOM module in an FLXA21 transmitter will give it the digital signal processing capabilities required to work together with the new SENCOM sensors. Like its predecessor, the FU20F pH/ORP SENCOM sensor is a general purpose sensor that is suitable for a wide range of applications. The FU20F can store digital data and be calibrated using the SPS24 SENCOM PC software and/or the FLXA21. With these SENCOM platform products, users will be able to reduce the amount of maintenance work that needs to be performed on-site, thereby improving efficiency and reducing costs.