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A new twist in butterfly valve technology

December 6, 2013

Hayward Flow Control BYV series Butterfly ValveThis butterfly valve’s all thermoplastic design and construction overcomes many of the challenges these type valves face in processing systems.

Available in multiple thermoplastic body and disc materials, including PVC, CPVC and GFPP, and in a range of diameters, its maker says it is ideal for aggressive and corrosive environments and delicate ecosystems, or to maintain strict chemical balances.

A hand lever with a 72-spline interlock mechanism allows for 19 stopping positions at every 5 degrees and is termed “revolutionary” by its maker. This is because it allows exact positioning by the operator. The ergonomic glass-filled polypropylene hand lever is UV inhibitor-enhanced for maximum long-term performance, even in outdoor applications. External disc position indicators for ease and simplicity of operation are built into the top flange.

According to Dave Stewart, director of marketing at Clemmons, N.C.-based Hayward Flow Control, “The hand-lever design and interface are crucial to a valve’s performance and operation. It must meet and exceed the end-users’ expectations.”

The valve series is based on one-piece body construction yet is lighter weight than metal valves of equal size, reducing line stress. The design incorporates reinforced lug holes for easy installation. Overmolded 316 stainless steel lugs for dead-end service or isolation needs are available. All sizes meet ANSI B16.10 / ISO 5752 narrow face-to-face dimensions for direct replacement of existing metal or plastic valves. An oversized liner face allows this valve series to be used with all major thermoplastic flanges. Liner materials available include EPDM, Viton or Nitrile.