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Ease of use with skidded chemical-dosing system pays off

December 6, 2013

seepex chemical metering skid systemsThese pre-engineered skid systems are for use in a wide variety of liquid-chemical dosing applications, primarily in water and wastewater disinfection treatment.

Enon, Ohio-based seepex maintains that customizing chemical-resistant components and materials per a specified application eliminates time and costs otherwise associated with engineering and commissioning flow-control systems. Systems are commissioned at the factory according to the application’s flow ranges and then calibrated according to the flow control loop.

The skids hold up in harsh acidic and caustic chemical environments. They deliver mild to aggressive, thin to highly viscous liquids, as well as corrosive and solid-laden chemicals with non-pulsating flow, and accurate and reliable metering.

Each unique system comes with all the components necessary for chemical dosing — including progressive cavity pumps, calibration column, pressure gauge, pressure switches, dry-run protection and flowmeters — packaged into a single unit, with or without controls and framework.

An integrated vector drive comes standard, eliminating need for a local interface or control panel. The system handles pressures up to 350 psi, flow rates from 10mL/min to 100gph, and has turndown capability of 60:1. Progressive cavity pumps do not have ball valves; therefore, they are not prone to vapor lock and do not require back-pressure valves or priming chambers.

For example, eight systems metering sodium bisulfate for filtration processes are installed in various water treatment plants in Puerto Rico. The systems are indoors and the pumps operate continuously eight hours a day.

Luiz Rodriquez, a contractor with EIC Inc., who helped select and install the seepex skids, says, “The skids integrated into the existing operations, like a plug-and-play installation.”