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Uniform standards introduced for water, wastewater operator certification programs

January 21, 2014


The Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) has introduced the water industry’s first comprehensive, uniform standards for water and wastewater operator certification programs.
The Model Standards of Operator Certification address a significant industry need for consistency among the management of state public water and wastewater systems. Although a majority of states recognize the importance of certifying the professionals who manage water and wastewater systems, each state has different criteria.
According to ABC, these voluntary certification standards will increase the credibility and value of water and wastewater operators’ credentials; improve efficiency in hiring by providing employers more certainty in professional qualification of personnel; and promote public confidence in the safety of municipal water and the environment.
“ABC’s goal in developing these standards was not to judge the quality of any one program but to enhance the integrity of all programs,” said Paul D. Bishop, chief executive officer of ABC. “The worldwide lack of comprehensive and uniform certification standards compounds the infrastructure, workforce, and environmental challenges confronting the future of water and wastewater management.”

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ABC’s Model Standards will address this substantial industry challenge and give uniformity to the process of certifying water professionals across the nation and the world.
The Model Standards publication reflects expert consensus from a variety of stakeholders including operators, certification program administrators, regulators, and trainers on specifications for water and wastewater operator certification programs.
“ABC is hopeful that the introduction and adoption of the Model Standards will inspire stakeholders to envision, value, and realize a sustainable water future,” said Bishop.
To download a copy of the Model Standards, click here.