Processing Magazine

Loop-powered Bargraph with Digital Display

February 17, 2014

OTEK LPD Series loop-powered bargraphOTEK’s new technology LPD Series 1/8-inch DIN Bargraph won’t let you ignore a failure. When the loop fails (no signal), it will flash its display for ~20 seconds, transmit the isolated Serial I/O (USB/485) and then go dark. All this is done without power because the LPD is 100% loop powered. To replace your analog loop meter, simply connect the LPD in parallel, then disconnect the old one. The 1/8 DIN DPM panel cutout has become the industry standard over the years. OTEK’s LPD-0 meets the 45x92 (1.78 inches x 3.6 inches) panel cutout and is only 2 inches deep. The plastic (94VO) or metal (aluminum nickel plated) case uses OTEK’s proven seismic mounting slides to secure it to panels operating in harsh environments. In addition, nuclear/mil-spec grades are available.