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Cartridge Magnets for Removing Tramp Iron From Vertical Pipelines

March 6, 2014

Eriez Cartridge MagnetEriez® Cartridge Magnets, also referred to as Bullet Magnets, easily and efficiently remove tramp iron from dry, free-flowing materials in vertical pipelines. They are available with Ferrite or Rare Earth magnetic elements to satisfy unique application needs.

In operation, material entering the housing is distributed by a solid stainless cone and passes in close proximity to the magnetic cartridge. Ferrous contamination is attracted and held by the magnet, while the separated product continues past the magnet and out of the housing. Ferrous contaminants remain securely on the magnet until the operator removes the cartridge for cleaning.

High-quality, durable Eriez Cartridge Magnets feature stainless steel construction. There are designs for pressures up to 1.7 Bar/25 psi.