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US sales of water treatment chemicals for gas turbine power plants to reach $160 million

April 15, 2014

A new report by research and consulting firm The McIlvain Company predicts that sales of water and wastewater treatment chemicals for gas turbine power plants in the United States are likely to break the $160 million barrier in 2015.

Although sales of gas turbine power plants are gaining momentum worldwide, the United States is the fastest-growing market. By 2040, total U.S. capacity is expected to increase from the current 300,000 MW to over 500,000 MW. As a result, demand for treatment chemicals is set to go up as well, reaching $160 million as early as next year, the report stated.

An interesting development is expected in East Asia over the next year and beyond. While sales of treatment chemicals are expected to soar for the total power market, the gas turbine segment of the market will experience slower growth. By contrast, gas turbine power plants in the Middle East represent 40 percent of the total power market.

Water treatment chemicals are required in a number of processes in gas turbine combined cycle power plants, including intake water, boiler feedwater, cooling tower recycle, zero liquid discharge and gas turbine operation and protection, among others. However, requirements can vary significantly from plant to plant. For instance, plants that have chosen zero liquid discharge require the use of more chemicals, the report explained.