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Level Control Sensor with AtEx/IECEx approvals

May 15, 2014

Rechner Sensors 26 series level control sensorRechner Sensors has designed a level control sensor specifically suited to handling level control of powders and liquids in areas that are rated as hazardous because of the risk of dust or gas explosion.   

This sensor is ideal for replacing bulky vibro-rods, tuning forks and paddle switches. With no moving parts and no place for material to build-up, the issue of mechanical failure is eliminated. 

The 26–Series sensor features a rounded sensing surface tip which reduces material build-up on its PTFE casing and includes a 3-D sensing surface inside the casing., which drastically increases the active area. These properties allow the sensor to ignore a large volume of material build-up and solve the problem of dealing with compressible powders and non-conductive liquids.