Processing Magazine

Bin Level Control

May 16, 2014

Conveyor Components Company Model CR Roto-Level ControlConveyor Components Company’s Model CR Roto-Level Control provides storage bins with protection from material overflow, empty bins, abnormal levels and plugged chutes. A low torque motor drives a paddle sensor that rotates continuously inside the bin. The paddle rotates freely until it detects the presence of material.  Once material surrounds the paddle and stops the rotation it actuates one or more microswitches. The microswitches can be used to signal audible or visual warnings or stop operations completely. Once the bin material is cleared the microswitches are de-actuated and the paddle turns continuously once more.

The construction of the CR is simple in design. The switches and motor are independent of each other providing for longer life of the unit. The housing is made of rugged cast aluminum and is available in NEMA Type 4 dustproof and weathertight models and NEMA Type 7 & 9 models for explosion proof environments. The shaft and paddle are made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance. Several paddle options are available. The units can be top or side mounted and can be used for high or low level control applications. All units have a field adjustable sensitivity and time delay. Conveyor Components Company is an ISO 9001 Registered Company.