Processing Magazine

New Spin on Flow Metering

June 2, 2014

Burkert FLOWaveWith Burkert's new patented FLOWave technology without sensor elements in the measuring tube, many flow measurement problems are things of the past – medium contact being one of them.

The new technology based on SAW (Surface Acoustic Waves), makes this possible. FLOWave indicates its device status at every time with a light being related to Namur NE107 definitions and does not require maintenance activities. This allows for shortened downtimes resulting in remarkable lifecycle cost reductions for users. With this in mind, Burkert set out to find a technology that would take account of all that and offer significantly more value to users. Burkert believes that the new Surface Acoustic Wave Technology (SAW) fits the bill. The flowmeter relies on the propagation of waves for measurements, being similar to those present in seismic activities. One of the outstanding features of SAW for inline flow measurement of liquids is that it operates without any components or constrictions inside the measuring tube. The interior surface can be manufactured with the same surface finish applied to the rest of the pipeline. Implementing this technology leads to a compact and lightweight flowmeter. Installation may be in any position. Last but not least: SAW is the only flowmeter technology that can distinguish between laminar and turbulent flows.