Processing Magazine

Pneumatic Conveyors with Vacuum Pumps

July 14, 2014

Volkmann VS Series Pneumatic ConveyorsVolkmann VS Series Pneumatic Conveyors with patented Multijector™ vacuum pumps, safely transport powder, food particles, dust, pigments, granulated material, tablets, capsules, etc. in dilute, dense phase and plug flow conditions through hoses or pipes throughout the production process. Simply plug the system in and convey. The Multijector vacuum pump drives powder or small particle transport via a suction air stream under vacuum using a series of precision Venturi nozzles to increase the generated airflow from the air supply and to achieve a greater level of vacuum — as low as 28”Hg. For slower and denser material conveying, the pump lowers the conveyed velocity resulting in less risk of damage to the product, wear on the system or segregation of particles. The higher level of vacuum required for a plug flow situation is easily accommodated with the Multijector multi-stage Venturi. Because the Volkmann system is modular in design, each system can be custom built to meet specifications.