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Majority of consumers happy with water quality, survey finds

July 29, 2014

A recent international survey found that U.S. consumers rank 22nd in the list of the countries that are most satisfied with the quality of their tap water. Overall, nearly three-quarters of global consumers are generally happy with their tap water, the poll carried out by Gallup Inc. revealed.

The rates of satisfaction in North and South America have remained mostly stable since 2008, but they are still lower than the peak in 2010, when 81 percent of people approved of the quality of their tap water, the research pointed out.

Of all those interviewed, Europeans were the most likely to be satisfied with the quality of their drinking water, compared to residents of other continents. As many as 84 percent of European respondents stated that they were happy, compared with 76 percent in North and South America and 74 percent in Asia, Gallup said.

Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the regions where residents did not share common satisfaction with tap water was sub-Saharan Africa, with just 50 percent of people having a positive opinion on their tap water. That percentage is in line with previous polls, according to Gallup. In 2008, 48 percent were happy with their tap water in the region, showing consistency in satisfaction rates, not just in Africa but across other regions globally, as well.