Global Processing

2,000-liter sanitary turboemulsifier offered for production of pharmaceuticals

August 7, 2006

Charles Ross & Son Company offers a 2,000-liter turboemulsifier designed specifically for the production of creams, lotions, shampoos and similar products manufactured by pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. The TE-2000 includes a counter-rotating turbine agitator with a high-speed rotor-stator, positioned near the bottom of the vessel’s center. The anchor is complete with scrapers providing continuous movement of viscous materials while the high-speed head homogenizes and emulsifies minor ingredients. Surfaces are easy to clean as the internal surfaces of this machine are polished to a mirror finish while all exterior surfaces are polished to a 150-grit finish. Vacuum/pressure construction, a jacketed vessel, variable speed drives and a complete control package are standard. Production models are offered from 50 to 4,000 liters capacity.