Processing Magazine

2GB Digital Flow Computer with Graphic Display

June 9, 2010
The redesign of the flow computer focused on improvement in five focus areas: Performance, Handling, Communications, Versatility and Security. To improve performance, the unit uses a modern processor with a ¼ second processing cycle. The flow computer utilizes not just one shared processor, but one dedicated processor per I/O board. Internal operations are based on the time-tried Application Builder Software, and there is a removable, 2GB card to store data. For ease of operation/handling, a scroll-and-click navigation is employed, and the company has added a large, easy to read color display, with multi-color traffic light guidance and touch-screen operation. To address the issue of versatility, they introduced the concept of modularity, permitting the user to plug in I/O boards as needed for up to eight streams, analyzers or additional communications. Security for the unit is a features an optional, personalized electronic proximity key. Security also includes multi-level access and an authorization level, and the computer has the ability to separate fiscal from maintenance data, permitting remote maintenance without compromises. The security system provides a full audit trail with personalized I.D.’s. The flow computer has no limitations on the type of metering it can be used with, and the products measured cover the entire spectrum from oil, gas, wet gas, steam and water.