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A handy glossary of 190 common sanitary process terms

February 22, 2006

A Handy Glossary of 190 Common Sanitary Processing Terms
From the Sanitary Process Observation & Illumination Equipment Specialists

From "3-A" to "WFI" our site provides a list of precise definitions of 190 terms commonly used in Sanitary Processing applications. For the answers to the questions below, and 181 more, click here.
What is the difference between "Sanitary" and "Aseptic?" What are the salient characteristics of "Water for Injection (WFI)?" What is the difference between "undercut" and "underfill?"
What is the upper limit by volume for a "Small Volume Parental" solution?" What sea creature is the source of the reagent "LAL?" What is the key distinguishing feature of a "Transfer Panel?"
What term describes the protrusion of metal beyond the weld toes or weld root? What is the most common cause of "Tungsten Inclusions?" What is "Bio-Film?"

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