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ABB Industrial IT modernizes Warsteiner production plants in Germany

January 24, 2003
ABB will modernize two production plants for Warsteiner brewery in Warstein and Paderborn, Westphalia. State-of-the-art Industrial IT technology will replace the outdated automation equipment in Germany''s largest privately-owned brewery. Warsteiner brewery chose ABB because of ABB''s efficient software tools and the reduced number of internal interferences, which will enable a continuous flow of information.
"ABB''s Industrial IT solutions are the technology of the future," said Ulrich Brendel, technical director at Warsteiner. "With Industrial IT, we have access to the whole production process and thanks to object orientation, all production parameters are transparent."

At the Warstein site, more than 42,000 I/O points will be coupled with 37 Control IT components via Profibus, which will be monitored and operated from 17 Operate IT process stations. At the Paderborn brewery, Industrial IT solutions will expand the existing system to more than 12,000 I/O''s and 13 controllers. Nine existing systems will be replaced with the two new ABB installations. The contract also comprises Inform IT Production Manager, which will take over batch logging and interface with the laboratory information and management system (LIMS), ensuring consistent high quality. An Ethernet-based control network will connect all components (control systems and operator interfaces) including central components such as engineering stations and recipe computers.
In its final stage, the whole system will integrate the brewing house, the fermenting and storage cellar, filtration and some auxiliary installations as well as the central power supply and refrigeration systems into one automation system. The consistent flow of information from the first specification via start-up to the management of the running system offer considerable advantages with regard to engineering, operation, maintenance and service.

For more information, contact ABB at 440-585-6830.