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Affordable Universal Spill Caddy

August 9, 2010
The universal spill caddy provides a more affordable option for a quick response to unexpected spills. The Kit contains a wide variety of the manufacturer’s absorbents in lift-out baskets for fast, organized access. Packaged in a sturdy, recyclable cardboard container for indoor storage and one-time spill response, the unit offers an economical, indoor alternative to more costly reusable plastic containers. In addition, the portable kit features 4-inch wheels and built-in handles for fast, easy mobility. And if the floor gets wet during storage, foam feet on the bottom of the Caddy keep contents clean and dry. The universal spill caddy is also available in a Haz-Mat and Oil Only version, and includes an assortment of socks, mats, pillows, wipers and loose absorbents to soak up spills up to 28 gallons.