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Afton Chemical launches new cold flow improvers

June 3, 2009
Afton Chemical Corporation, with over 85 years of experience in fuel additive research and development, announced the launch of the next generation of Cold Flow Improvers for diesel fuels. In a press release statement David Cleaver, Marketing Manager for Finished Fuel Additives said, “Our R&D team have developed a new line of additives that represent a significant leap forward in performance and reliability for the end user, and a competitive advantage and more profit for the customers we serve.” David Swart, Sales Manager for Finished Fuel Additives, further explained in the press release that, “Maintaining diesel performance at cold temperatures is a big issue for the transportation industry. With the combination of improved Cold Filter Plugging Point performance and superior low temperature handling properties, we can give fleet operators a big boost in profitability. We thoroughly tested our Cold Flow Improver in samples of diesel fuel from all over the country, and included biodiesel blends as well. The results of our testing make us confident that we’ve created a winner.” Afton Chemical Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NewMarket Corporation. Afton Chemical develops and manufactures petroleum additives that boost the performance of fuels and lubricating oils to achieve increased efficiency, power and durability in machinery, vehicles and other equipment.