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Air/gas flowmeter goes wireless with IR link for PDA communication

June 20, 2005
Process and plant engineers looking for a more convenient, time-saving and lower cost way to communicate with flowmeters will find the new ST50 Flowmeter not only provides best-in-class measurement and value for line sizes from 2 to 24 inches (51 to 610mm), but it also is now available with an exclusive wireless communication option. Utilizing a wireless IR technology built-in to the flowmeter and a standard, low-cost PDA, field technicians can obtain measurements, make setting changes and read trouble-shooting codes without ever having to open the instrument. This feature is ideal in applications for flowmeters that are installed in hard-to-reach locations or where opening the instrument is inconvenient or labor intensive. The wireless IR link eliminates the need for expensive proprietary programmers, which simplifies maintenance and reduces the overall cost of use.