Processing Magazine

All-Stainless Steel Mixer is Ideal for Sanitary Use

March 25, 2010

The mixer is specifically engineered for critical SIP/CIP environments and has all stainless steel construction with smooth surfaces for superior wash-down capabilities. The mixer is ideal for sanitary, pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, and food applications. It has a light-weight motor with continuous speed control and integral digital tachometer, a compact open pedestal design, integral tri-clamp tank mounting, and a high polish finish on in-tank wetted parts. A variety of impellers can be selected from the company’s full range of high-performance designs, including their high efficiency hydrofoil. The sanitary mixer can be used in tank volumes from 50 liters to 20,000 liters. Designs cover from fractional to 5 HP with constant torque, variable speed from 100 to 2000 RPM.