Global Processing

Automate pressure control with high accuracy

August 12, 2003
Conventional pressure regulation applications rely on an open-loop method of control — the handknob is adjusted to achieve a specific setpoint, and the regulator remains the setpoint within a given range of performance parameters. An electronic pressure controller, in conjunction with a dome-loaded pressure regulator, provides closed-loop pressure control. The pressure controller senses downstream pressure changes and automatically compensates by adjusting the dome pressure of the mechanical regulator. Factors such as droop, decaying inlet, and changes due to ambient temperature shift are virtually eliminated. With the use of a controller, pressures can be controlled within .1 psig. The use of a pressure controller enables the user to automate process pressure control, permitting pressure changes as part of a process control scheme. Gas pressures can be precisely controlled in applications like gas-assisted laser cutters or in dynamic gas blenders. Pressure controllers also permit accurate dispensing in tank blanketing and time/pressure liquid filling operations by maintaining a precise head pressure in a pressurized product tank. Company offers several controllers for use with any of its pressure regulators.