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Bag spout interface system eliminates dust for plastics manufacturer

May 5, 2003
A multinational plastics producer and compounder utilizes powdered carbon black in several of its compounded plastics. Due to the hard,crystalline structure of carbon black and its very small particle size and gravity, the customer had several problems to solve to improve their bulk bag discharging operation.The discharge of bulk bags full of carbon black had traditionally caused excessive and extreme housekeeping measures due to the extremely dusty nature of the product.Constant personnel complaints resulted from their exposure to the dirty product during the full bag discharging and empty bag removal processes.Additionally,an inordinate amount of material was wasted due to spillage,incomplete bag discharge and dust.Finally,discharging the bulk bags at a controlled rate had been very problematic due to the poor discharge characteristics of compacted, deaerated carbon black.

The bulk bag discharger with the E3 system was the perfect solution to solve the customer ''s problems. The operator engages the bag spout to the E3 system by spouting the untied bag over the interior product feed tube and lowering the seal plate to securely clamp and seal the bag spout. At the same time the concentric outer tube is sealed allowing for the initiation of dust evacuation prior to first uniting the bag.The bag is then untied and the entire E3 assembly is lowered, ensuring that the bag discharge spout is elongated to maintain a cylindrical shape aiding in consistent and controlled product discharge. The integral vent system eliminates any dust turbulence normally created by the discharged product being exchanged with displaced air from downstream process equipment or hoppers. Bag massage paddles that are integrated with the E3 in the bulk bag unloading system ensures positive product flow.

Further, when the E3 is combined with the patented loop retractor bag hanger, the bulk bag is completely elongated into a cone shape ensuring complete product discharge without operator intervention. Once the bulk bag contents are completely discharged, the integral vent feature of the E3 collapses the bag by the removal of its displaced air and residual dust. Thereby allowing the operator to remove the empty bags in a dust-free environment.

Once in use, the bulk bag unloading system provided the multinational plastics producer and compounder with considerable savings from reduced operating labor and housekeeping requirements, as well as an increased throughput from speed and completeness of bag discharge. Additional savings came from containing lost product due to spillage,incomplete bag discharge and dust.The operating personnel complaints from dust, poor operating equipment, and environmental issues were also eliminated.