Processing Magazine

Battery-Operated Mag Meter With Go Anywhere Design

December 14, 2010

The M-5000 Mag Meter is a battery-operated, general-purpose detection mag meter in a stand-alone package. Suitable for a wide range of utility and industrial applications, the M-5000 is ideal for remote settings and other applications without access to power. It can be used to measure well water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and bi-directional flow applications that have minimal electrical conductivity. Whether the fluid is water, highly corrosive or requires special handling, this meter can accurately measure flow. The second addition to the Badger Meter M-Series, the M-2000, delivers precise flow measurement for a variety of purposes — on potable meter lines, in fluids with suspended solids, and most applications requiring exacting measurement. As with all Badger Meter electromagnetic meters, the M-2000 is built without any moving parts to impede the flow stream. And because of its advanced, processor-based signal conversion, the M-2000 can achieve an accuracy of ±0.25 percent. The non-intrusive, completely open flow tube design virtually eliminates pressure loss.