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Biogas, Landfill Gas, Wastewater Treatment Digester Gas

April 5, 2010
Designed for high performance, the flowmeter is an explosion-proof instrument that is easy-to-install and requires virtually no-maintenance. The unit features a no-moving parts design that operates over a wide flow range with low-flow sensitivity. It’s packaged in an explosion-proof transmitter, and the calibration is matched to the user’s actual gas composition and installation conditions. The flowmeter is ideal for the measurement of methane and other combustible greenhouse gases. The entire system including the instrument and transmitter is submitted for agency testing. This is done to ensure comprehensive reliability and safety that take into account the sensor and seal requirements as well as the temperature ratings. The company designed the flowmeter specifically to measure biogas and all methane composition gases including natural gas. It features a thermal mass, insertion-style flow element with flow accuracy to ±1 percent of reading over broad flow range from 0.3 to 400 SFPS and repeatability of ±0.5 percent of reading. The flow element is available for use in line sizes from 2 to 24 inches diameters. It operates over a wide turndown range of 100:1, which is essential due to the variable gas flows in landfill gas recovery and wastewater treatment. It operates at temperatures from 0 to 250 degrees F and withstands pressures up to 500 psig.