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Biopharm fittings help eliminate fluid holdup

May 20, 2009
Designed for fluid systems where cleanliness is paramount and entrapment areas must be minimized, the biopharm fittings virtually eliminate fluid hold-up at connection points. The fittings maintain a boreline seal, coupled with a metal-to-metal stop to improve drainability and cleanability. The metal-to-metal stop controls gasket compression and prevent over-tightening while minimizing ferrule movement. The design’s crown holds the gasket in place and directs expansion to the space provided, while a gasket rib creates the boreline seal. The expansion space allows for gasket expansion during thermal cycling, and minimizes gasket intrusion into the boreline. Seals remain leak-tight throughout pressure-temperature rating range. TS series fittings are available with a 316L stainless steel ferrule and a choice of three gasket materials--PTFE, EPDM, and Fluorocarbon FKM. The gaskets are compliant with Food and Drug Administration specifications. Fittings are available in ½-, ¾-, 1-, 1 ½-, 2-, 2 ½-, 3- and 4-inch sizes.