Processing Magazine

Bonded Hoses Increase Hose Life

October 28, 2010
Bonded hoses in twin-line and multi-line configurations eliminate the problem of tangling in multiple hose applications. Bonding hoses improve the management of the hose and increase the overall strength, eliminating some of the reasons hoses fail in the field. A bonded hose is particularly beneficial in lift truck, hydraulic crane and aerial lift applications. A pre-made assembly reduces inventory by eliminating multiple parts and part numbers. In addition, it reduces installation times by having all hoses ready to go in one easy step. Twin-line hoses consist of two identical hoses permanently joined for the entire length of the hose. Multi-line hoses consist of two to ten hoses (or a maximum width of 10-inches) in various combinations of sizes and types. Where needed, hoses can be separated to allow for routing. Available in a variety of styles and sizes range from 3/16- up to 1-inch.