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British Lawmakers Blast Kraft over Cadbury Plant Closing

April 7, 2010

According to the New York Times, a bipartisan committee of British lawmakers published a report in which it criticized Kraft Foods for, among other things, its decision to close the Cadbury plant in Somerdale after promising during the takeover battle to keep it open. The committee report asserts that “Kraft acted both irresponsibly and unwisely in making its original statement that it believed that it could keep the Somerdale factory open. By doing so, Kraft has left itself open to the charge that either it was incompetent in its approach to the Somerdale factory or that it used a ‘cynical ploy’ to improve its public image during its takeover of Cadbury.” While Kraft controls the fate of Cadbury and its various units, the British lawmakers hope to convince the U.S. company that it would do well to preserve Cadbury’s integrity, and Kraft’s image in Britain, by not shuttering plants.