Processing Magazine

Brushless adjustable speed controls and servo motors

January 23, 2008
New series of brushless adjustable speed controls and servo motors are designed to provide customers the advantages and benefits of brushless technology for adjustable speed applications, i.e. less maintenance, quieter operation, and more efficient and higher torques in smaller packages. Customers may wish to upgrade to this brushless technology for conveyors, mixers, door openers, material handling, packaging and many other general-purpose industrial applications, which utilize adjustable speed. In addition, customers will be able to design these new products into new OEM equipment. The new control, BMC-Series, has models available from 1/4 through 3 HP. The new brushless DC motors, BSM25 and BSM33, are available with NEMA mountings from 1/4 through 3 HP at 1800 rpm. The new brushless adjustable speed controls and motors are described, along with technical information, in flyer FL1210.