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Bulk bag discharging in height restricted areas

August 6, 2003
Low-profile hoist bulk bag discharger is ideal for use where low ceiling heights pose a problem. Discharger solves this problem with a low-profile hoist and unloading station operating at a height of only 10-1/2 feet, compared to the 16-1/2 feet required by most bulk bag dischargers on the market when an integral hoist is introduced on the equipment. The bulk bag is untied through an access door in the product transfer chute directly under the discharger. Optional equipment includes a flexible screw conveyor and loss-in-weight load cells, enabling batch weights of product to be discharged from the bulk bag as required. Independent pneumatic massage paddles aid the flow of powder from the bag into the discharge chute and conveyor. Unit is available in carbon or stainless steel models for chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.