Processing Magazine

Bulk bag unloader efficiently discharges entire contents of FIBC

June 19, 2006

Vac-U-Max’s bulk bag unloader provides a clean and efficient way to discharge the entire contents of a FIBC. The FIBC can be placed in the bulk bag unloader by forklift, hoist or crane from floor level. As an option, a hoist on a monorail can be furnished if desired. A bag frame holds the suspension loops of the bulk bag and can be raised. When lowered, the bottom of the bag rests on a sealing ring while the tension on the bag loops keep the bag upright. To make material in the bag more free flowing, optional pneumatically operated actuator petals can be added. These petals massage the lower portion of the bag to promote material flow towards the center of the bag. Material is then discharged by gravity for transfer into another location. Many options for discharge including feed screws, rotary valves, and lump breakers are available.