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Camfil Farr publishes collection of filtration industry articles

February 22, 2012

Camfil Farr has published a definitive collection of articles from some of the most recognizable names in the worldwide filtration industry.

Life Sciences Industry Insights features an article by Gordon Farquharson, an expert in cleanroom design and standards, on contamination control practices in the Life Science industry with a focus on bio-containment and cleanroom applications. Don Thornburg, a director of R&D for HVAC products and Chair of the 52.2 committee, reviews the history and current state of ASHRAE testing standards.

An article by Jan Andersson, deputy managing director for the Nordic countries and Chairman of PG4B within Eurovent, updates readers on EN779 2011 and its mission of classifying air filters based on their lowest filtration efficiency (ME). Andersson also discusses the increasing influence of "ZEBs" (zero-energy buildings). Other contributors include Tomm Frungillo, who writes on dust collection within the Latin American pharma sector, and Sean O’Reilly, global director, Cleanroom & Bio-Pharma Segment, who offers a broad perspective on the changes within the industry over the last decade.

Life Sciences Industry Insights is available online at