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Canada recovers all 17 bodies from chopper crash

March 18, 2009
Canadian police have recovered all 17 bodies from the wreckage of a downed helicopter that crashed in the freezing Atlantic off the coast of Newfoundland, the Associated Press reports. The Sikorsky S-92 was carrying 18 workers to oil platforms when it reported mechanical problems and ditched into the sea about 30 miles from shore. Remote controlled cameras have revealed that the cockpit was damaged, the fuselage cracked and the tail boom broken off, said lead investigator Mike Cunningham. One survivor and one body were recovered shortly after the crash. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that the final seven bodies had been recovered. The lone survivor, Robert Decker, remained at the Health Sciences Centre in St. John''s in critical condition. A family friend and spokesman said his condition was improving. The Hibernia oil platform is located about 200 miles east of St. John''s and is owned jointly by ExxonMobil Canada, Chevron Canada Resources, Petro-Canada, Canada Hibernia Holding Corporation, Murphy Oil and StatoilHydro Canada Ltd. The helicopter had also planned to visit the SeaRose oil platform in the White Rose oil and gas field, which is operated by Husky Energy and Petro-Canada.