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Chemical Dry Vacuum Pump

September 22, 2011
Edwards’ new CXS dry pump range delivers exceptional vacuum performance in harsh chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical processes, according to the manufacturer. The innovative CXS pumps feature cutting-edge tapered screw technology and have excellent reliability. They are simple to install and environmentally friendly. CXS pumps provide fast pump down and give ultimate vacuum down to 10-3 mbar which results in optimum performance in a variety of applications such as distillation, drying, evaporation, reactor service, house vacuum, solvent recovery, crystallization and filtration. They are robust and reliable even in harsh pumping environments, with the ability to pump up to one liter of liquid per minute continuously and up to 25 liter slugs without stopping. The pumps are independently certified for use in hazardous environments to ensure safe pumping of flammable gases. They also pump corrosive gases without corroding.