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Chevron Refinery operating after fire at Mississippi plant

August 20, 2007

The Associated Press reports that Chevron''s largest U.S. refinery continues production while teams assess damages caused by a fire last Thursday in one section of the Pascagoula, Mississippi facility. The refinery employs 1,350 people. The fire began about 2:30 p.m. Thursday in a crude processing unit. It was contained by the plant''s fire emergency response team and was extinguished about 8:30 p.m. No injuries occurred and all the plant''s employees and contractors were accounted for. The facility is one of the top 10 petroleum refineries in the United States and has been operating on the Mississippi coast since 1963. The refinery had a crude oil capacity of 330,000 barrels a day and could produce about 5.5 million gallons of gasoline, jet fuel and diesel a day. Other products made there include paraxylene, which is used by the textile and plastics industry, and benzene and ethylbenzene, both used automobile tires, sporting goods, nylon and pharmaceuticals.