Processing Magazine

CIP/SIP hygienic sight glass improves reliability with less maintenance

December 19, 2006

L.J. Star’s ASME-BPE compliant MetaClamp® type Metaglas® sight glass is designed for use either in-line, allowing operators to view the flow within a piping system, or it can be mounted directly on a sanitary process vessel for viewing mixing, reacting, fermenting, foaming, level, etc. Features include CIP and SIP cleanability, essentially unlimited reusability, exceptional reliability, easy installation and minimal maintenance.

The unit’s Metaglas window consists of mechanically prestressed borosilicate glass fused within a stainless steel ring. Due to the effects of the glass being held under compressive stress, Metaglas windows are exceptionally reliable. Under test conditions they have routinely maintained pressure integrity to more than 50 times rated pressure, and they are relatively immune to either thermal or mechanical shock.*

With its standard 0.25μm (better than BPE SFF1) finish, the MetaClamp window cleans as thoroughly as the interior of the vessel or pipeline. And, unlike conventional glass discs which should never be reused, the MetaClamp sight glass can be removed and reused any number of times without affecting the reliability of the glass. Further, disassembly requires little time, using only common tools and a standard sanitary gasket and clamp.

Standard ratings of units in the MetaClamp line range up to 150 psig at 536°F (280°C). Although the majority of sanitary applications are at relatively low pressures and moderate temperatures, the robustness of the MetaClamp design provides an added margin of safety to eliminate the possibility of costly process contamination or product loss and the risk of personnel injury.

Metaglas is manufactured according to the International Standard DIN 7079 and is CE compliant.