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Circular DIN 28120 Sightglass provides clear viewing up to 235 psi and 280 degrees C

September 27, 2006

A complete line of circular weld-on sightglass fittings from L.J. Star Inc. make it possible to view directly the internals of pressure vessels, silos, gear-trains, pipelines etc. in high-pressure applications. Designated Model DIN 28120, standard fittings are available in six sizes with viewing diameters ranging from 80 mm to 225 mm (3.15 to 8.86 inches.) and pressure ratings up to 235 psi, depending on size, and with higher ratings available upon request.

Moreover, fittings in this line meet high temperature applications as well. Standard units equipped with borosilicate glass or Metaglas® safety glass windows can operate at temperatures up to 280°C (536° F) or to 150°C (302° F) with soda-lime glass. Even higher temperature ratings are available upon request.

Illumination is another available option. Model DIN 28120 fittings can be equipped with one of several L.J. Star standard-service or Ex rated luminaires, depending on operational requirements. For added visibility a spray nozzle and/or internal wiper blade may be added. (As shown here, the flange mounts a USL08 general purpose luminaire.)

The units are provided as complete sets, ready to be welded into or onto vessel walls, complete with a sight glass set between the weld pad and cover flange as well as relevant matching seals. They correspond in construction and assembly to the dimensions and construction guidelines of DIN spec #28120 covering sizes DN 50 to DN 200.

For the cover flange, users have a choice of either RST 37.2 steel or 321 stainless steel. Weld pads are offered in five materials, including commercial grade and ASME Code steels. Chemical and physical test reports will be supplied for the weld pad at no charge for ASME code materials.