Processing Magazine

Circular Vibratory Bag Dump Screener

March 16, 2010

The circular vibratory bag dump screener removes oversize particles from manually dumped bulk materials while protecting the operator and plant environment against dust contamination. Integral to the mobile unit is a 40-inch diameter screen separator that causes bag scraps, agglomerates and other oversize material to travel across the screen and discharge through an upper spout, while on-size particles pass through apertures in the screen and a lower discharge spout at high rates. Ambient air and dust from dumping activities are drawn into the exterior of two cartridge filters that derive vacuum from a top-mounted exhaust fan. Dust accumulated on each filter''s exterior surface is alternately dislodged using short blasts of air from pulse jet nozzles within the cartridge filter on a timed cycle, providing continuous operation. Dislodged material falls into the screener. On-size material gravity-discharged from the screener''s outlet can be fed into a conveyor or other process equipment. Also offered in 24- and 30-inch diameters, and available to industrial, 3-A, FDA, BISSC and other sanitary standards.