Processing Magazine

Coalescers Speed Liquid Separations

January 3, 2012

For a wide variety of liquid/liquid separations in oil and gas, wastewater, hydrocarbon recovery, caustic treater and distillation tower applications, AMISTCO® Separation Products coalescers serve to increase capacity and speed the rate of separation processes. For new or retrofit applications, AMISTCO Separation Products offers complete liquid/ liquid separation engineering assistance and a wide choice of internal components and materials to address a full range of performance requirements. Monofilament knitted mesh coalescers are manufactured in numerous metallic and plastic materials. Multi-filament knitted mesh combining corrosion resistant metallic and plastic materials are also available. For high velocity flow regimes or liquids with entrained solids AMISTCO incorporates a variety of corrugated plate packs. Turnkey skid mounted, fully piped and instrumented systems are also available designed to specification or performance requirement.