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Combined vortex flowmeter for steam, gas and liquids

February 16, 2009
The vortex flowmeter series is equipped with a temperature sensor and an optional pressure sensor. Through the combination of these sensors into one unit, the vortex principle is used to measure the temperature, pressure and flow of steam, gases and liquids. The new “All-in-one Solution” series is suitable for a wide range of applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and gas, energy generation and district heating industries. With the addition of the series flowmeters, the manufacturer now offers technologies for all flow applications in process automation. The two-wire flowmeter with Hart communication is designed for applications requiring reliable flow measurement independent of dynamic pressure, temperature, viscosity and density variations. These applications include the measurement of steam and saturated steam, monitoring of steam boilers, control of compressor outputs, consumption measurement in compressed air systems, measurement of industrial gases, burner consumption measurement, and SIP and CIP processes in the food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry. The new flowmeters are characterized by high accuracy and reliability. The operating temperature range is from minus 40 to plus 464 degrees Fahrenheit. The Sitrans FX vortex flowmeter works on the vortex measuring principle.