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Companies partner to develop mitochondrial medicines

September 19, 2011

ONGAR, England and LUND, Sweden — UK-based contract research organization Selcia Limited and Swedish drug development company NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB have signed a research collaboration agreement to develop new medicines and drug compounds targeting mitochondrial physiology and pathophysiology, according to a press release.

The collaboration is focused on mitochondrial medicine, an emerging therapeutic modality that promises innovative new treatments for major chronic diseases, such as cancer and obesity, and acute conditions such as stroke and heart failure.

Mitochondria are well known as the energy-producing powerhouses of all cells and are critical for optimal cellular function and survival, as well as initiating cell death.

Mitochondrial medicines seek to optimize cellular energy levels and health through protecting or enhancing mitochondrial function.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with NeuroVive in the area of mitochondrial medicine. Our combined resources have the potential to yield a number of new drugs and supplements that could revolutionize the treatment of diseases caused by mitochondrial dysfunction, as well as recovery regimens for a number of patient populations,” said Simon Saxby, CEO of Selcia.