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Complete line of heavy-duty conveyor pulleys and components

June 3, 2009
The heavy-duty conveyor pulleys produce maximum protection against premature failure in harsh applications. This specialty product line is available as stock, and made-to-order with exceptional delivery time, according to the manufacturer. The manufacturer also offers drum pulleys, wing pulleys, lagging, bushings, take-up frames, shafting and other specialty products. Heavy-duty drum pulleys are aggressively constructed in either standard duty, mine duty, quarry duty, machined and engineered drums. Wing pulleys are available in standard duty, mine duty, quarry duty and quarry duty AR, and are designed to meet the most common types of failure, such as, wing folding, premature contact bar wear and hub weld fatigue. Other solutions include lagging in vulcanized, cold bond, strip, shell, weld-on, SOF, molded urethane, Holz and ceramic, and wear parts such as lagged contact bars and wear rims.