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Controls for parallel operation of multiple generator sets secure vital operations

May 7, 2012

A new system-level control for parallel operation of multiple generator sets can help ensure emergency power for process facilities, including water treatment plants.

Cummins Power Generation, Minneapolis, a manufacturer of power generation systems, says its DMC 1500 Paralleling System has microprocessor-based control technology with icon-based GUI to maximize user-friendliness. The system consists of a PowerCommand system-level digital master control integrated with custom-engineered switchgear. The DMC 1500 communicates directly with the generator set and transfer switch controls for seamless integration.

Paralleling systems are offered for low- or medium-voltage applications. Typical emergency power applications, DMC 1500 systems can also be used for prime power at remote locations, such as mining facilities, where utility power is unavailable or unreliable.

Power transitions can be open or closed, in either fast (100 ms) or gradual ramping mode. The system includes utility paralleling functions for peak-shaving, base-loading and load add/load shed sequence control. The standard DMC 1500 accommodates four generators and can be expanded for up to eight generators.

A trained technician can perform all setup and service functions, including diagnostics, software upgrades and hardware upgrades. The standardized hardware layout, wiring harnesses and jack/plug connections simplify any required hardware servicing.

The touch-screen user interface is available in seven languages. The DMC 1500 system can be ordered with either UL/CSA or IEC/CE certification, and seismic certification.