Processing Magazine

Conveying ultra-light bulk density powders made easier

May 20, 2009
Designed as a complete plug-and-play system specifically for conveying ultra-light powders, such as fumed silica, the powder pump offers an efficient way to move difficult, ultra-light bulk density powders. Conveying light bulk density powders can be challenging because they behave in a fluid manner and when moving them mechanically or pneumatically, and they can create fugitive dust as well as lump up, causing process problems. The combination of the ergonomic system’s Bag Dump Station with its five-cubic-foot capacity hopper enables operators to fit entire large bags of ultra-light powders into the system. The integral dust collector with 1.5 hp fan uses pleated polyester felt filters with PTFE coating to maximize filter filtration and product release, allowing ultra fine powders to be pumped into the process vessel in a safe and dust-free environment.