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Cordsets, receptacles in 6-, 7- and 9-pin configurations

October 10, 2005
New 6-, 7- and 9-pin molded cordset and encapsulated receptacles can be used to provide power (up to 20A at 300V) to motors, material handling and other heavy-duty applications. The 6- and 7-pin configurations are offered with 14AWG at 20A and 300V, while the 9-pin is available with 3/14AWG at 20A and 6/18AWG at 8A and 150V. Each configuration is offered with PVC cable and connectors that provide waterproof protection to EIC IP67. Front or rear mount mating receptacles are available in fully encapsulated brass housings. M23 powerfast. Stop by Booth 426 at ISA to view more products by TURCK.